SYML Shares Video For “Girl”

June 21, 2019 BY Nettwerk

“a beautiful ode to childhood” – Paste Magazine

Off the back of the self-titled debut album (released 3 rd of May), Seattle artist Brian Fennell, aka SYML, shares the video for one of the most heartfelt and personal tracks on his album, “Girl,” written during a time of health challenges faced by his baby daughter. She underwent a successful but intense surgery last year and though she won’t remember it, the song is meant to be a reminder of her courage and strength for the rest of her life.

Filmed throughout a series of dreamy sun washed settings a few hours from Fennell’s home town, the scenes created provide an emotive and relatable reality, the balance of idyllic and challenge provides space to highlight the vulnerability of the child’s emotions moving through the moments that shape her. It was the aim of Hayley Young (the director) to capture some of what it means to be a child: “Curiosity, joy, sadness, and simplicity.” “Young lives are filled with curiosity, tenderness, risk, joy, and sadness. I know it’s easy to look back in our childhood and remember it as “simple”, but I think it’s far from it,” adds Fennell.

SYML is on a world tour for the summer. Dates can be found here