SYML Shares New Video Via Clash

March 23, 2017 BY Nettwerk

Nettwerk is excited to announce the signing of SYML to its label roster. Translated as “simple” in Welsh, SYML is the creation of Brian Fennell, a Seattle-native and founding member of the indie-rock band Barcelona. With a keen grasp on textural and emotive songwriting, Fennell combines piano, minimalist synth and string-scapes with ethereal vocals to take the listener on a journey through the senses.

The last six months have been busy for Fennell. He saw the release of his debut EP ‘Hurt For Me,’ which features a song with Jenn Champion (formerly of slowcore heroes Carissa’s Wierd), and signed to Nettwerk Records at the end of 2016.

One of the standout tracks from the EP is “Where’s My Love,” an expertly crafted song featuring sparse production and intimate songwriting. It’s all underpinned by Fennell’s powerful, yet delicate vocals that drift in on exposed raw pleas of longing to reconnect with a loved one. “Where’s My Love” has impressively managed to clock up over 8 million combined Spotify streams already and gained fans from all over the world. SYML currently has over 1.3 million monthly listeners on the platform. The new video for “Where’s My Love” was premiered via Clash yesterday.

Fennell explains in more detail how the video came about: “I met the videographer (Gavin Michael Booth), when I was working on a project in the Cayman Islands. After a few nights of unusually lite beer, we got to talk about our respective projects. He told me about a treatment he’d been wanting to use for a while and I instantly knew it would fit perfectly with Where’s My Love. I think the video turned out beautifully simple and incredibly sad, which is perfect for the song.

Stay tuned for more information regarding SYML throughout 2017.