Surrey-based singer-songwriter Paris Paloma shares single ‘forsaken’

December 2, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Surrey-based singer-songwriter Paris Paloma has recently shared hernew single titled ‘forsaken’. Whilst the song is Paris’ debut release with Nettwerk, the rising musician has already found streaming success and a loyal, dedicated fanbase through her previous releases. Her previous original single ‘the fruits’ has already garnered over 4 million streams to date, along with stunning covers of Hozier (who shared her version of ‘Tell It To My Heart’ to his followers) and Rainbow Kitten Surprise delighting TikTok and DSP fans.

Paris Paloma studied fine art at Goldsmiths before pursuing music full-time, she creates all her own artwork. Her music is rich with depth and meaning; her lyrics are often closer to poetry – as is the case with ‘forsaken’. Weaving themes of nature, magic and ritual around the more familiar human conditions of love, loss and simple existence. Choral vocals and mystic lyricism evoke a sense of religiosity, while Paris’ gentle vocals, acoustic guitar and self-exploration lean into folk and pop sounds.

Listen to ‘forsaken’ below and here:  


Originally hailing from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Paris Paloma channels the experience of womanhood into her songwriting, speaking to female fury, grief, love, death, and power. Her songwriting reads like poetry, drawing inspiration from figures throughout mythology, art history and the Romantics. Ranging from the tender and heartbreaking to the sublimely aggressive and vengeful. Her ethereal sound takes influences from dark pop, folk, and indie genres; creating a magical discography that evokes something primal and innately feminine.

Stay tuned for more to come from Paris Paloma over the coming months.

She joins Nettwerk’s expanding alt-indie pop roster that includes Allie Crow Buckley, Miya Folick and Alex the Astronaut.