April 14, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Alt-pop singer-songwriter MORGXN releases his highly-anticipated new single “Beacon.” The anthemic track is his first release since signing to his new label, Nettwerk Music Group.

A&R’s Marshall Altman, who also produced the record, and Eric Robinson signed MORGXN to Nettwerk Music Group.

“Morgxn is a pure artist, translating the beauty, hope, and humanity of the modern condition in to lyric, melody, and performance. When we first heard “Beacon” we were immediately struck by the truth of the lyric, the clarion combination of their voice singing a melody of hope and perseverance, & the audaciousness of that message: ‘Sometimes you’re the boat, and sometimes you’re the beacon’,” says Altman & Robinson.

Today, MORGXN sets the stage for his new musical chapter with “Beacon,” which features his captivating vocals, eloquent melodies, and compelling lyrics that speak to finding hope in the darkest of times. “Beacon” is a rousing affirmation that meets him on a path back to self-expression and musical salvation.

Sometimes the power of a song remains hidden until right before you release it. Just how the light seems darkest just before the rush of morning. ‘Beacon’ has and continues to save my life. It charges me and gives me hope even when I can’t see it myself,” says MORGXN.

He continues “Writing it with Melissa Fuller & Drew Kennedy was one version of finding hope in the darkness. But as I set to release this song against the backdrop of all the unrest we have going on in Nashville .. I’m reminded that we are only as strong as the most vulnerable in our community. And this song is my flag I’m raising.


Written by MORGXN with Melissa Fuller and Drew Kennedy, the song is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

This song is for everyone who has their flame burning white hot. It takes a lot of energy to lead a movement, and I feel like this song is letting them know that if you need time to rest, get in the boat. One of us will take your place and burn as brightly as we can, for as long as we can, while they’re resting and recharing and floating in the direction the current pulls them,” says Drew Kennedy.

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Nashville born-and-based artist Morgan Isaac Karr, best known as MORGXN, released his debut album vital in 2018 including the hit lead single “home” featuring Walk The Moon. The track was a Top 10 Alternative Radio hit — landing on the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart and Billboard Rock Airplay Chart — and was cited by Billie Eilish as one of the inspirations behind her Grammy-award winning song “bad guy.” He then released MERIDIAN [extended edition,] a deluxe version of his beloved MERIDIAN vol 1 and vol 2 EPs. In 2021, he performed his viral hit song ”WONDER” alongside Sara Bareilles on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  In 2022, he unveiled a new song “Loved By U” in collaboration with acclaimed producer and DJ TOKiMONSTA. In his two years as an independent artist, his self-released music exceeded 200M streams. He recently signed to Nettwerk Music Group, with his first single since signing with the label, “Beacon,” out now on all platforms.