St. South Shares New Track+Video “Growing Up” + Announces Debut Album Out In July

April 24, 2020 BY Nettwerk


“Thick with soul and indescribable swagger…” – Pilerats

“St. South brings thrilling originality to the warmth of familiar electro-soul…” – HappyMag

Australian bedroom artist St. South has announced her anticipated debut full length album Get Well Soon will be released on July 17th via Nettwerk.  As a songwriter, singer, and producer, St. South has worked tirelessly on the skills required to make the kind of nuanced and soulful electro she’s known for. But her sound is not just a study in technical self-reliance; it is an intimate portrait of an artist who lives life on her own terms, and one that has pulled in millions of listeners from all corners of the world. On Get Well Soon, St. South continues to be revelatory, as she unfolds a story of grief, heartbreak and ultimately, self-love.

St. South shares the album news with “Growing Up,” a track that mirrors the double meaning behind the record, which appears to be about the end of a relationship, but really digs at something deeper.

She explains, “‘At first listen, ‘Growing Up’ sounds like a breakup song, but for me personally there’s a double meaning, relating to self-care surrounding mental health.  Lines like ‘won’t you just try to be brave?’ and ‘you pulled away, I guess that’s when you needed a break,’ are things that I’ve said to myself during bad patches of anxiety. When things get tough, I tend to turn inwards and focus on self-care until I’m ready to be social again. There are always going to be people who can’t empathize with that, because we all cope in our own unique way. So, I guess ‘Growing Up’ is about letting go of the people who don’t allow you the time and space to work through whatever you’re experiencing. It’s about being gentle with yourself when others don’t have the capacity to be. It’s about growing through love and friendships and learning how to process any pain that comes from losing either of these things.”

The self-producer adds, “I also sampled a home cassette tape from the early 90s – you can hear my mum talking to my brother and I (I was 3 and my brother was 8), so there’s some very real nostalgic value re: growing up for me.”


“Growing Up” follows previously released album tracks, the chillwave-tinged “Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud?” and the up-tempo break up song “If It’s Not You (feat. N.Y.C.K.),” showcasing her penchant for juxtaposing between vulnerable storytelling and pop overtones.

St. South is the moniker for Australian singer-songwriter-producer-multi-instrumentalist Olivia Gavranich. She self-released her debut EP Nervous Energy in 2016, which garnered millions of streams, as well as TV placements with The Vampire Diaries and The Fosters. She followed that up with 2017’s Inure and is currently working on new music.  Without any outside support and no touring history, St. South has already built a steady and dedicated fanbase, with over 23,000 fans across social properties and almost 400,000 monthly listeners at Spotify alone.


Get Well Soon Track Listing:
1. Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud?
2. If It’s Not You (feat. N.Y.C.K.)
3. RED
4. Growing Up
5. Not Angry Yet
6. Intermission
7. I’m Still Me
8. A Little Alive
9. Can I Come Over?
10. You Loved Me Yesterday

Stay tuned for more news from St. South