St. South Shares New Track “If It’s Not You (Feat. N.Y.C.K.)”

March 12, 2020 BY Nettwerk

St. South hints at optimism through heartbreak with her latest self-produced track “If It’s Not You (Feat. N.Y.C.K.).” While previously released song “Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud?” is sprinkled with chillwave fuzz and a warm layered sample of her voice, “If It’s Not You” ups the tempo, despite the fact it was written directly after a breakup. This juxtaposition between vulnerable storytelling and pop overtones is one of St. South’s greatest strengths.


She says, “I wrote ‘If It’s Not You’ a couple of days after my girlfriend broke up with me very suddenly. My best friend Nick caught the redeye from Melbourne to Perth to spend the weekend making music together as a distraction. Ultimately, it’s a breakup song, but the upbeat instrumentation hints optimism and self-empowerment, which I’m hoping sets the tone for the whole album. It’s about being heartbroken, but also recognizing my worth and realizing that I deserve more (eg. ‘I’m not that hard to love’). It’s an honest plea for explanation and closure, while Nick’s verse lends comfort to me from a friend’s point of view.”

As a songwriter, singer, and producer, St. South has worked tirelessly on the skills required to make the kind of nuanced and soulful electro she’s known for. But her sound is not just a study in technical self-reliance; it is an intimate portrait of an artist who lives life on her own terms.

St. South is the moniker for Australian singer-songwriter-producer-multi-instrumentalist Olivia Gavranich. She self-released her debut EP Nervous Energy in 2016, which garnered millions of streams, as well as TV placements with The Vampire Diaries and The Fosters. She followed that up with 2017’s Inure and is currently working on new music.  Without any outside support and no touring history, St. South has already built a steady and dedicated fanbase, with over 20,000 fans across social properties and over 225,000 monthly listeners at Spotify alone.