South London’s Matt Maltese Shares New Song; Announces EP       

May 29, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Nettwerk is excited to announce the signing of 23-year-old south London artist Matt Maltese. Today, he shares his new single “queen bee” and announced details of his upcoming EP, madhouse – due for release on August 7th. Preorder / presave madhouse HERE.

madhouse follows Matt Maltese’s sophomore album Krystal, released in 2019 to widespread critical acclaim. A similarly home-brewed affair to his previous outing, Maltese takes on most of the production duties – with additional contributions coming from Jonathan Rado (Weyes Blood, Whitney, Father John Misty), who produced Maltese’s 2018 debut record Bad Contestant, and Ben Baptie (Rex Orange County).

“queen bee,” like the bulk of madhouse, was largely self-produced at home in south London, with features from The Lemon Twigs’ Brian D’Addario on guitar and vocals from Sorry’s Asha Lorenz. Speaking about ‘queen bee’, Maltese said: “It’s a song about the notion of finding ‘true love’, and being doubtful yet persistently and annoyingly hopeful. It’s a song that sort of speaks to your future lover with equal parts cynicism and soppiness.”

LISTEN TO AND SHARE ‘queen bee’: 

Themes like the banality and loneliness of life have consistently weighed heavy on 23-year-old London artist Matt Maltese’s records. Heck, his 2018 debut album Bad Contestant contains a song so impossibly on-the-nose for our present end-of-times situation, the dystopian “As The World Caves In,” it could have been written in isolation two weeks ago rather than two years back. In the process of moving our lives online, things have a funny way of coming back around anyway; the song has undergone a major resurgence, ringing true for a new legion of young fans on TikTok where it soundtracks dozens of new videos each day and has contributed to Maltese reaching an audience bigger than ever before on streaming platforms. Right in the nick of time.

Maltese’s acclaimed 2019 follow-up Krystal proved more of a reckoning with the self than its dazzling, witty big brother; a sort of mental stock check and a shedding of old skin, in more subtle ways than simply growing out his immediately recognizable shaved haircut. Returning from a solo tour of the USA in March 2019, and undergoing a split with his then girlfriend, Maltese found his world getting smaller. He needed to hit reset. What followed was months of writing and recording in his south London bedroom, as well as a good deal of, as he puts it, “stewing in the past”. Krystal emerged from that period of quiet contemplation; an album that saw him “daydreaming about and grieving the important people and moments I’ve had in my life, and getting swamped in the details”. Again, feelings that are so far, so very 2020.

Fast forward to the tumultuous present day and Maltese has harnessed a common feeling of collective solitude once more. His appropriately-titled new EP madhouse isn’t just a score for the everyday boredoms we encounter, it’s a musing on us human beings’ “ever-hopeful quest for meaning and love.” A more virtuous and lofty aspiration, at least while Tinder’s hookups are out the window for the time being. Maltese has always nailed lonesome provocations with idiosyncratic dry wit but madhouse reckons with those emotions in a way the half British, half Canadian hasn’t yet fully explored until now. “I’ve found that sometimes the majority of the emotional journey of love and life is actually the search for an understanding of it. And these songs try and make peace with all of that, poke fun at it and, ultimately, embrace it.” 

Matt Maltese – madhouse EP – out 8/7/2020 on Nettwerk
1. little person
2. queen bee
3. hi
4. madhouse
5. leather wearing AA
6. sad dream