Soulful Indie Folk Artist Aisha Badru Announces New EP ‘The Way Back Home’ Out Dec 3 + Shares Title Track

August 7, 2021 BY Nettwerk

“her songs’ sense of intimacy, pull you closer until she might as well be whispering directly into your ear.” – NPR

“Aisha Badru’s vocals are slight but soulful, airy but powerful… she uses this distinctive alternative/indie sound to soul-stirring effect that is difficult to describe but impossible not to feel.” – Afropunk

“a voice that could seemingly move mountains if she whispered at them.” – Ones To Watch

“Deeply atmospheric, the lyrics are drawn from her own life, picking apart the intricate power balance in a relationship.” – Clash

Soulful indie-folk artist Aisha Badru builds atmospheric soundscapes, deeply rooted in nature, spirituality, family and homecoming. Today, she has announced her brand new The Way Back Home EP, due out December 3 via Nettwerk Records. Aisha’s whispery observations have evolved, in just three short years since her melancholic debut Pendulum, into evocative assurance. Earthy, folky track “The Way Back Home” is the heart of the collection. It exhibits her more mature perspective on relationships, acknowledging that you cannot hold onto anyone. It is the embodiment of the idea that “if you love something, set it free”. Aisha explains the song is “about giving those who we have close relationships with the space to pursue goals, dreams, travel, and life experiences outside of the relationship without the limitations of our own fears that their growth will lead them away from us permanently.”

Since releasing her debut album Pendulum, Aisha relocated from Yonkers, NY to her current home outside Orlando, where she lives sustainably and practices permaculture with her partner and her 1.5 year old twins. She is also using her platform to amplify this passion for environmentalism, teaming up with Nettwerk Records to plant trees with pre-saves of the albums & singles via a donation to the non-profit, One Tree Planted.

Along the way, Aisha’s humanistic confessionals have won more than 100M+ streams, a fanbase in Europe, and the praise of publications such as NPR, who celebrated her “warm and inviting” approach. Perhaps the most resonant theme threaded throughout The Way Back Home is the overwhelming sense that this second life of Aisha’s has only just begun. While writing The Way Back Home, she says, “I knew exactly what to say without thinking about it. It was as if I was writing exactly from my heart.”