Softcult Share Video For Debut Single “Another Bish”

January 20, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Canadian newcomers Softcult share their explosive debut single “Another Bish” alongside its self-directed video. The track is a razor sharp slice of scuzz pop, existing as a modernised fusion of Bikini Kill and Smashing Pumpkins, two of their biggest influences.

Sotfcult is the project of Phoenix and Mercedes Arn Horn, Ontario-based twins who spent their formative years playing shows in their local town of Kitchener before branching out across the North American circuit, a experience of which, for two young women in an often male-dominated industry, informed much of their new project’s manifesto as well as sound.

As something of a reaction, Softcult is a call to arms against the misogyny and sexism they encountered and often held their tongues on, with the music they’re now creating acting as unabashed, outspoken and, most importantly, inclusive feminist anthems inspired by their Riot Grrrl heroes.

“Another Bish,” a track that purposely, despite its strength, is laced with a vulnerability – as they say ”even the baddest bish probably has a little bit of self doubt” – is an explosive introduction from the talented duo but with folders full of songs on their hard drives. More music from the pair will be available soon.