Singer-songwriter nobody likes you pat shares new single “what a good friend is for” via Nettwerk

April 10, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Saint Paul, Minnesota-based artist nobody likes you pat, the moniker for singer-songwriter Pat Kiloran, returns with his new single “what a good friend is for” via Nettwerk. “what a good for is for” is an early glimpse into nobody likes you pat’s forthcoming EP out this fall.

With the delicate strumming of the guitar and a sing-around-the-campfire style hymn, “what a good friend is for” glides effortlessly with sheer breeziness from start to finish. nobody likes you pat has always had a flair for crafting easy going melodies with pop sensibilities that are supported by blunt-yet-gentle narrative-driven lyricism. With his latest effort, Pat takes a deeper look at the innermost layers of friendship. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor are the best kind of friendships. nobody likes you pat neatly packages that message in his two-plus minute gem of a song.

nobody likes you pat shares this on his new single,

“I sat down one night and realized that no one really writes love songs about their friends. Friends are always a side character in a song. I don’t know why, but friendship gets a bad rap sometimes. In American culture, it’s as if relying too heavily on friends is a trait of weakness or over-sentimentality. Amongst hyper-masculine pop-culture, it’s almost seen as effeminate for a man to be intimate with his friends. And that’s truly ridiculous. Friendship is the basis for all other forms of relationship. A partnership or marriage finds its deepest footing not in romance or sexual experience, but in the unconditional love of friendship. Familial relationships can deteriorate and be damaged with time or circumstance. But only if a father and son or brother and sister are held together by something more than simply ‘blood’ can their connection stand the test of time and hardship. It’s easy to make many acquaintances, but it takes the patient and often painful work of test and time to make a good friend or to be a good friend.”

“what a good friend is for” is nobody likes you pat’s first single since his debut LP imago released last November.

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