Singer-Songwriter Dylan Dunlap Shares “Get Some Rest”

June 26, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap announces the release of “Get More Rest,” out today via Nettwerk Records. “Woke up early somehow I’m already behind. 7:30 turns out there’s still not enough time. People talking, no one listens to the other side” Dylan sings over a glassy piano. “This song took a lot out of me to pursue,” he elaborates, “I lost my mind last summer waking up every single day to so much hatred in the world. The internet can be such a dangerous place to navigate and it disappoints me to know that what was once a tool to build human connection has now become a weapon to dehumanize others. I thought that by waking up earlier than everybody else, i’d be able to experience some stillness and maybe get ahead of it all before it triggered my anxiety & depression. Unfortunately, it just harmed my mental health even more.”

The vulnerability and self-awareness Dylan showcases through his songwriting on “Get More Rest” emulates a message worth embracing. “As an adult with autism, I’m learning more about who I am and how I’m built,” he goes on. “I had to find ways to quiet these voices in my head, and medicinal marijuana has been very helpful. It genuinely helps me be a better person. At the same time, I never want to rely on any substance. It’s taken time to find the strength to say, ‘I am not an addict, this just helps me.’” Dylan’shigh register resounds on a confessional bridge before the hook’s affirmation; “I’m exhausted, someone medicate me. I’ve been paranoid that every choice I make is useless, and that all my days will end up wasted on excuses. Maybe I should get more rest, take the time to call my friends…”

About Dylan Dunlap:

Dylan has wasted no time making 2021 his year; with the release of his EP Soldier On in February, the single “Follow My Echo” landed placements on over 28 New Music Friday Playlists across the globe and garnered rave reviews from places such as MTV who stated; “This song deserves to soundtrack a movie and I will firmly stand by this.”

As a kid, Dylan immediately gravitated towards music. He went from playing the piano to learning Pro Tools and cooking up instrumental compositions. Dylan dipped out of Berklee College of Music to busk around his native Burbank, CA. Developing a singular style, he drew on inspirations as diverse as Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, and Finding Nemo. Between sharing the stage with OneRepublic at the sold-out Stadium of Fire event in Provo, UT, he packed shows throughout the United States and the UK. Following the release of two EPs – Things I Can’t Explain and Soldier On – Dylan has made significant strides claiming 40 million-plus combined Spotify streams. At the same time, he’s tirelessly championed positive mental health. The National Alliance on Mental Illness recognized him with its “Fighting Stigma Rising Star” award. At the same time, he’s collaborated with various organizations such as Global Citizen, Autism Rocks, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and more. Evolving with each step, Dylan only continued to record at a prolific pace.

In the end, Dylan makes the kind of music that’ll not only inspire you to root for him but to root for yourself.

“I take advantage of the hand I’ve been dealt,” he leaves off. “By existing and pursuing this, I’m doing exactly what I want to do with my music. I’m breaking the stigma. I’m going to show, regardless of whatever disability the world thinks I have, it doesn’t mean I can’t follow my dreams. Writing these songs and making it this far, I’ve never believed in my ability to make a difference more than I do now.”