Singer-songwriter Dave Thomas Junior Releases Dreamy Album ‘Promises’

July 14, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and producer Dave Thomas Junior reflects on the emotional connection his music forges with listeners on his dreamy new album, Promises. Listen HERE

Dave Thomas Junior makes music that makes you feel something. Whether it’s to be grateful for what you have, or to lean into what you have lost, he wants fans to feel and reach for the beauty within. “Ever since I had those songs featured on ‘After Life,’ I have had a new perspective on the music I make,” he reflects. “I got so many messages from people who had found some sort of breakthrough or release or insight from the music, and that felt like a real purpose, beyond just looking inside myself. I think I was always doing this as a form of self therapy, but this really gave me the perspective that if I’m feeling something, I can be less afraid of it. Sometimes I might even want to get closer to an unpleasant thought or feeling so I can try to crystalize it. These songs are a result of that path I’ve been on. Trying to step outside and notice and look, which has been so helpful for me and I hope it will be for those who listen.” 

To celebrate the album release, he has also released the music video for his track “Redshift.” Watch the video HERE.

Promises tracklisting

  1. Still in Love
  2. Disquieted
  3. Always You
  4. Nobody Else
  5. Promises
  6. Stay with Me
  7. Redshift
  8. Hold You for a While
  9. The Hope
  10. Guess I’ll See You Around
  11. Fast
  12. Now I Know

A Nashville based producer, Dave loves to work with artists to help them realize their voice, and also writes for film and TV. His own singular vision shows up in the form of his solo project, which has garnered 200 million+ streams and 100+ synch placements like Ricky Gervais’ After Life and Atypical