Singapore’s LINYING Shares Debut Album Featuring Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) & MILCK

January 21, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Critically acclaimed Singaporean singer and songwriter Linying releases her highly anticipated full-length debut album, There Could Be Wreckage Here. The record features eight tracks, including the unreleased single “Shhh” which features activist and artist MILCK, previous singles “Good Behaviour,” “3 Hours On,” “Faith,” “Springtime,” and the initial single, “Daylight Blows Into One Door,” which was co-written with Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla.

Linying is also excited to share the official video for the New Year’s eve single, “Good Behaviour.” It was directed by filmmaker Ivan Tan, and in it, a disillusioned Linying falls through a clothing rack into an alternate universe where she meets an old friend who pushes her to be brave and to surrender to her truest, fearless, happiest self.


The debut album is her first body of work since the success of her premiere EP, Paris 12, which elicited praise from industry tastemakers like NPR’s Bob Boilen, Billboard, Perez Hilton, and BBC Radio 1. It earned a spot on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart with its unlikely lead single “Sticky Leaves”, a ballad about God and disillusionment, which was subsequently featured on HBO’s Industry and Netflix’s Terrace House. Where Paris 12 processes the shock of pain and loss, There Could Be Wreckage Here predicts and prepares for it, balladically unraveling the undercurrent of turmoil within romantic bliss.

Crafting There Could Be Wreckage Here in collaboration with London-based producer duo Myriot, Linying lyrically anatomizes every feeling, watching the arrival of good things through the lens of its imagined departure. She wrestles her feelings throughout the album, but on “Good Behaviour,” a co-write with Melbourne-based producer Tentendo, she finally surrenders to it. She explains, “I have waited my whole life to write a song like this one. A song about happiness, and knowing that you are never again asked to be on your best behaviour, to be softer or sweeter… only to believe that something like that can exist. Now I finally have a song that immortalizes this precious feeling.”

Stay tuned for more from Linying.

There Could Be Wreckage Here Tracklist:

1. This Time, Tomorrow
2. Lovers Stay Right for Each Other
3. Faith
4. Springtime
5. Shhh (feat. MILCK)
6. Good Behaviour
7. 3 Hours On
8. Daylight Blows into One Door