Seattle Folk-Rockers Ivan & Alyosha Look For Meaning In The Chaos With New Single “Can’t Fight The Feeling”

June 2, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Seattle folk-rockers Ivan & Alyosha proudly announce their forthcoming album All We Ever Had and share the vigorous rocker “Can’t Fight the Feeling.” After a tumultuous three-year period, I&A co-founders Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary emerged from the darkness with a renewed energy. For their new recording sessions, they threw out the rulebook and teamed up with Nashville producer Owen Lewis (Mickey Guyton, Old Sea Brigade) to craft their most impassioned effort to date. “Can’t Fight the Feeling” finds the band feeling as inspired as ever. Listen to the song on all digital retailers (here).

About the song, Tim explains: “Can’t Fight The Feeling is an upbeat, rock song. I wrote this song during the Covid pandemic. I was frustrated, feeling pretty angsty and anxious. I think the idea of the song is that I couldn’t fight the feeling that something needed to change, and everything was changing all around me, but I too needed to change. Again, it’s a fast-paced rock song, but I think it’s about finding peace and calm and meaning in a chaotic world.”

“Can’t Fight the Feeling” joins “Everything to Me,” and “Gold” which will appear on the band’s fifth full-length album All We Ever Had, due out August 25th via Nettwerk.


For Ivan & Alyosha, the past few years have brought the kind of massive upheaval that often leads to a band’s undoing. After enduring the sudden canceling of a number of shows due to personal crisis and also dealing with multiple lineup changes (as well as the all-consuming chaos of the pandemic), the Seattle-based folk-rock act considered putting an end to the collaboration first begun back in 2007. But in a leap of faith, co-founders Tim Wilson (vocals) and Ryan Carbary (guitar, piano) chose to carry on as a two-piece, completely revamp their process, and bring a newly heightened sense of purpose to the creation of their fourth full-length. Expanding on the incisive yet compassionate songcraft that’s earned acclaim from the likes of NPR and Rolling Stone—and led to such triumphs as touring with Aimee Mann, Brandi Carlile, NEEDTOBREATHE, The Lone Bellow, Chris Carrabba, and more—All We Ever Had ultimately marks the start of a new era for Ivan & Alyosha while delivering some of their most poignant and powerful material to date.

As Wilson reveals, the making of All We Ever Had first gained momentum back in 2021, when he and his family moved to Nashville from their longtime home in Seattle. “In the past the band would sit in the studio for two or three years, banging our heads against the wall until we finished the record, and I knew we’d have to function in a new way if we were going to move forward.” After connecting with producer/engineer Owen Lewis (Mickey Guyton, Old Sea Brigade), Wilson and Carbary headed into Lewis’s studio with an elite lineup of Nashville musicians, then gauged their chemistry by recording a small batch of songs (including a strikingly tender cover of Radiohead’s “High and Dry” that ended up making the album). “The experience was so freeing—we got some amazing work done without belaboring anything, and there was a whole new excitement about what we were doing,” says Wilson. “It felt like we had righted the ship.”

Produced by Lewis and mostly recorded live, All We Ever Had finds Ivan & Alyosha exploring the complexities of building a good life in endlessly tumultuous times. Throughout the album, the band brings a potent immediacy to that self-reflection—an effect achieved by adding a new element of spontaneity to the recording process, in addition to stripping away any obstacles to soul-baring expression. “Instead of letting the lyrics be like hidden gems for people to uncover, I wanted to say things in a very direct and specific way that hopefully connects on a deeper level,” says Wilson. “I wanted to get closer to my favorite kind of songwriting, where you hear a lyric and feel like it was written just for you.”

“For a while I really thought we were going to burn down Ivan & Alyosha, but we kept having people in our lives point us back to its history and value,” says Wilson, who returned to Seattle with his family in 2022. “In a way it feels like we had to do things wrong for a long time in order to get to a point where we’re finally doing it right. To come full circle after everything that’s happened and end up making some of our best work ever is an incredible irony, and makes me really excited for whatever’s next.”


“a solid set of wistful folk-pop with soaring harmonies and anthemic choruses.”


“…quite an edge…”


“a polished west coast soul-folk sound that draws on the poppier sensibilities of McCartney songwriting.”

– American Songwriter

“Beatles-esque pop harmonies and sweet melodies.”

– NPR Music

“‘Everybody Breaks’ is an insanely catchy folk-pop number that’s instantly memorable… The future has never seemed more welcoming for Ivan & Alyosha.

 — PopMatters

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