Scottish songwriter Rosie H Sullivan emerges with ‘What A Life’

October 7, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Scottish songwriter Rosie H Sullivan has emerged with ‘What A Life’, listen now:

Born and raised on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides but now based in Edinburgh, Sullivan crafts deeply personal and emotive indie folk, tackling personal growth and the existential transition of moving from an island to the mainland/city. Personal relationships also come into play in her remarkable songwriting, but it is her relationship with herself that sits at the core, culminating in a beautiful, resonant sound that finds as much inspiration in modern influences like Marling and Bridgers as it does the classics. 

Last year saw Sullivan release ‘So It Is’, an understated demo recorded in her garden that amassed almost 400,000 streams without any backing or push from a label, and after a year of writing and honing her sound today sees her return with new single ‘What A Life’, released through label Nettwerk,

An extraordinary showcase of vulnerability, ‘What A Life’ is an incredible example of harnessing raw emotion and turning it into something beautiful. Tackling personal uncertainties through swelling instrumentation and relatable lyrical work, it is the perfect introduction to such an important talent.

Speaking about ‘What A Life’, Rosie H Sullivan said: “This song is very personal and completely transparent; I wrote it at a difficult time, full of uncertainty and change. The lyrics are very close to my heart, and I think this really comes through. I needed to get into the zone for this one – I got myself back to the headspace I was in when I wrote the song and just sat and sang my emotions out”

More music is expected from Rosie H Sullivan in the coming months.

She joins Nettwerk’s expanding indie folk roster that includes Anna Mieke, Brooke Annibale, OSKA, and more.

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