Schwarz Dont Crack Share “Getaway” Official Video

April 13, 2016 BY Nettwerk

Schwarz Dont Crack is the brainchild of Ahmad Larnes and Sebastian Kreis, who met in Berlin following Ahmad’s move from New York City and Sebastian’s flee from South Germany, both in search of a more progressive musical landscape.  Together they have found a synthesis of sound formed from the rich tapestry of American 90s R&B and the German capital’s perpetual electronic obsession.

“Getaway” is taken from the duo’s debut album, a 12 track release that runs the gamut of pulsating and dark electronica, trans-global R&B hooks, and the sort of 1990s soul music that deserves to be blasted from a moon-lit convertible as it streams down an open freeway with the windows open, the group’s debut album is the product of several years worth of evolution

A two-piece pop laboratory, Schwarz Dont Crack are now ready to unveil “Getaway.”  The UK’s Clash  says, “Strident, inventive, and wholly contagious, it’s a synthesis of sound that results in something utterly beguiling.”

“’Getaway’ is for me the highlight on our album. It has an anthemic quality in its portrayal of an inner conflict which I can really relate to,” says Sebastian. Ahmad adds, “The song is about escaping chaos. Rediscovering your inner voice. The video I feel presents an idea of being trapped, but also attempting to escape from this entrapment.”