SCayos x Annie Elise Share “Walkaway”; Listen Here

July 15, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Out today, 19-year-old pianist, producer, and composer SCayos shares “Walkaway,” a collaboration with friend Annie Elise.

“Walkaway,” a track showcasing the young producer as a songwriter and collaborator, is the first single from an upcoming 2022 project that travels through the cycles of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance and each song falls into one of these categories.

I wanted this song to be the first single because it gives context to other songs on the record. ‘Walkaway’ is a unique one because the character hasn’t lost their partner yet. Still, the character is grieving the possibility (‘I’m terrified I’ll be left behind for someone new’), reminisces about when everything was great (‘remember when it was perfect, then the distance got far’), and delves into the conflicting emotions as the end nears (‘yesterday is too far to drive. Our photos are fading with the memories’),” says SCayos.

This is also the first time that SCayos has collaborated with Annie Elise and was a process that took nearly two years to make.

Most of this song was made remotely after the beat was made as we were on the other side of the globe. I had a friend hop in to play guitars. After playing the keys and drums, Annie and I wrote the lyrics together, which was also my first songwriting credit. I’m excited to release this one as this track showcases my growth over the past two years, documenting it like a journal,” reflects SCayos.

About the song, Annie explains, “As we started playing with words and figuring out the story, the idea of distance and coping with it was something that we both could resonate with. To me, the song is a final plea – the relationship is over, just due to distance and growing apart, but the actual act of ending things is hard to do. Do all of the good memories justify staying in a relationship going nowhere and feeling disconnected? It’s a different pain to be grieving something that hasn’t happened yet, especially when it fizzles out rather than ends in a big explosion. There isn’t a lot of closure.”

Working with SCayos is a delight – I loved exploring the beautiful intricacies of the production together. Coming from a background as a classical violinist, it was special to get to add this beautiful string section throughout the chorus. I think there are probably 20 violin tracks that I recorded. I felt that this collaboration combined and brought out our strengths as producers, writers, and artists. That’s a very special feeling,” Annie adds.

“Walkaway” is available at all digital retailers here:

Photo Credit: Courtesy Of Nettwerk | Download HERE

About SCayos:
Currently a student at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, SCayos is a young artist from Mumbai, India. In 2021, SCayos released his beat tape, Ethereal Nights. At 15 songs, the LP showcased an atmospheric palette of daydreamy beats and vivid, lush wonders. Features included familiar names such as Barnes Blvd., frumhere, Strehlow, and others. Last month, he released his Nettwerk debut EP, shortstories (HERE), an affecting blend of self-produced beats with jazzy, hip-hop energy.
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About Annie Elise:
Through a life of seeing sounds and hearing color, 21 year old electronic artist Annie Elise is inspired by her synesthesia. Originally a classically trained violinist, Annie’s interest in electronic music stems from her neurological condition. She even refers to herself as a “conductor for color” by creating music that produces colors that she likes to see. After giving a talk about synesthesia at TEDxLancaster, which has gained over 115k+ views, she has been an active songwriter, producer, engineer, and instrumentalist for several different artists and projects.