Scandinavian Singer-Songwriter Freyr Releases New Album ‘Night and Day’

August 25, 2023 BY Danielle Romeo

Scandinavian alternative folk artist Freyr explores the dichotomy between light and dark on his new album Night and Day, out today. Throughout the album’s 12 tracks, he sonically draws a dividing line through these two extremes, allowing listeners to explore an entire spectrum of sound and emotion. Listen to Night and Day HERE.

“When I was making the record, the songs could be easily divided into night and day tunes,” Freyr affirms. “Some have distinctive evening vibes, while others will remind you of daylight; each song embodies the unique feeling of a specific time of day. By capturing short glimpses of life, glimpses that hint at the larger picture, the songs all tell clear stories. I knew what I wanted to explore in this album before I started writing, so this was in my mind throughout the entire creative process. When you listen, you’ll instantly know what kind of life the song lived.”

Watch The Video For “Night and Day” Here:

An intriguing journey empowered Freyr to attune to these cycles. For most of his formative years, he spent winters in Umeå, Sweden and summers in Iceland among his diverse family of athletes, artists, and thinkers whose history ranges from Olympic competition to Polar expeditions. Following the success of singles such as “Over My Head,” “I’m Sorry,” and “I’m Here,” he unveiled his full-length debut, Nicotine Bunker, in 2021, which generated millions of streams and critical praise. During 2022, he traded Sweden for Germany. Living out of various Airbnbs for nearly five weeks, he conjured up initial ideas on his laptop in a state of perpetual motion physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

“I started writing in a small house in the north during winter, but the songs took form as we moved to Germany,” he recalls. “We were still on the road looking for a place to live, so I had my computer on the floor at these places I was staying. This uncertain space—whether you’re moving or on the road—does something to the music. The songs came from a time of adventure in my life.”

To capture the energy of this season, he decamped to Altea on the coast of Valencia in Spain. Working out of the Farkosten studio, he recorded with producer Mattias Eklund [Devin Townsend, Lisa Miskovsky] during a handful of sessions.

The end result sees Freyr provide the soundtrack to any time of day with a message. “When you listen to this album, I want you to think more about what you want in life,” he leaves off. “I hope it brings out some spontaneous action, intrigue, and good feelings.”

Praise for Freyr:

 “Freyr’s delivery has the intimacy of Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Ros, which in itself is enough to take your breath away… one of those voices that sets your soul at ease. The album’s title track is another mellow masterpiece.” – The Revue

“Yet another reason to believe that [Freyr] is one of the best young voices on the folk music scene…taps into a majestic feeling, full of beautiful vocal moments and atmospheric tenderness that you just can’t fake.” – We All Want Someone To Shout For

“the beat of a trip-hop song, the instrumental of an experimental indie track, and the melody and vocals of a great pop-folk song. Altogether, Freyr presents a unique style yet it all sounds quite familiar.” – Where The Music Meets

Album Art / Download Here


Man on the Moon

Why Aren’t You Satisfied

Night and Day

Lines in Your Palm

New Chance



Chilling in the Park

Abandoned Places



Lights Out