Samuel Proffitt Shares Russian Art Inspired Video; EP Coming 7/24       

July 1, 2020 BY Nettwerk

 “Proffitt makes marvelously moody music for those who remember how to feel dark-hearted, emosh soul-tronica.” – NOISEY

“Steamy” – FADER

“pushing the barriers of sound, to construct a musical triumph”- EARMILK

“He has a new EP coming out which astutely combines the producer’s knack for thought-provoking electronic arrangements with live orchestration and guest musicians, making it Proffitt’s most sure-footed outing yet.”- mxdwn

Artist and producer Samuel Proffitt shares a dark, splattered, Jackson Pollock-esque (if his medium was film instead of paint) video for his latest track “Sounds (Звуки).” The track, which premiered yesterday via mxdwn, is off Proffitt’s upcoming EP Shades (out July 24th).

When asked to elaborate on the inspiration behind the video, Samuel says, “The original plan was to shoot it in Russia but, once it was no longer feasible with Covid, I was introduced to Sofja Umarik and sent her a collection of Russian avant-garde art that, through the course of my PhD, left an indelible impact on me. We immediately connected over the well-known photograph from the 0.10 Exhibition where Malevich first presented Suprematism. This photograph served as the starting point, which, through a subsequent evolution, grew into a physical manifestation of art as both an event and a concept. As Sojia began to work with two experimental animators, Luke Ramsay and Sofia Negri, the film acquired a certain tactility and sense of immersion that I always strive for with every piece of music I create. It is this perpetual becoming and dissolution, this unrelenting transformation of the shapes and figures that underlines the feeling of collapse and dissolution I felt when I first wrote it.”

LISTEN (AND SHARE) “Sounds (Звуки)”

(Produced by: The Wild Honey Pie; Directed and Animated by Sofja Umarik; Experimental Animation by Luke Ramsay and Sofia Negri)

The EP title references the concept of shade from Greek and Roman mythology, which is when a spirit or ghost must pay a debt to pass into the underworld or be forced to wander for eternity. Shades revolves around exploration of a particular psychological locus that manifests itself following moments of extreme anguish and trauma, a re-breaking. Samuel, who is also working towards his PhD at Brown University, takes inspiration from personal writings, poetry, and his interest in philosophy.

“Sounds (Звуки)” is the fourth track to be released from the upcoming EP. It follows “Surry,” “Snow In December” featuring Allen Tate of San Fermin on vocals, and “Люся [Lusya],” which has pop singer Bailey Baum lending her voice. The record also features Brand New’s Vincent Accardi adding guitars, string work by Phillip Peterson, and guest production and mixing by Ariel Loh. Samuel Proffitt is a musical case study who challenges genres and musical boundaries. He released his EP Good Death last summer which featured guest vocals from Crywolf, Yoke Lore and more. Samuel has been featured in The Fader, Vice, Rolling Stone, Noisey, KCRW, Paste and on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Songs in the U.S. and Best of Fresh Finds.