Samuel Proffitt Announces Shades EP; Shares “Surry”       

April 24, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Artist and producer Samuel Proffitt is excited to announce his upcoming EP Shades will be released via Nettwerk on July 24th. Samuel, who is also working towards his PhD at Brown University, takes inspiration from personal writings, poetry, and his interest in philosophy. Shades revolves around exploration of a particular psychological locus that manifests itself following moments of extreme anguish and trauma, a re-breaking. He is inspired by the concept of shade from Greek and Roman mythology, which is when a spirit or ghost must pay a debt to pass into the underworld or be forced to wander for eternity.

Today, he shares “Surry,” which is the first track in his catalog that features Proffitt’s own vocals. Dark, almost distorted effects on his voice highlight the somber tone of the track. Samuel adds, “I wrote this when I was in Surry, Maine for my birthday, on a solo writing retreat. I was working through a lot of things at the time—intense depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. I somehow was able to express a lot of what was going on underneath my skin.”


Surry” follows “Snow In December” which features Allen Tate of San Fermin on vocals and “Люся [Lusya]” which has pop singer Bailey Baum lending her voice. Samuel Proffitt is a musical case study who challenges genres and musical boundaries. He released his EP Good Death last summer which featured guest vocals from Crywolf, Yoke Lore and more. Samuel has been featured in The Fader, Vice, Rolling Stone, Noisey, KCRW, Paste and on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Songs in the U.S. and Best of Fresh Finds.

On May 4th, Samuel will be launching the first RED Talks, a weekly live stream discussion series on Instagram where he will be interviewing various professional leaders, scholars and art curators on Russian art, literature and culture and how it relates to our current world. Stay tuned for more news from Samuel Proffitt.