Russian Ambient-Drone Artist Desolate Horizons Signs To Nettwerk; Announces New EP       

May 14, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Russian ambient-drone project Desolate Horizons is excited to announce their new EP, Patience, will be out on August 6, 2021.  It will be their first release since signing to Nettwerk this spring. Desolate Horizons is the alias of Russian producer Constantine Horizon. Known for creating lush soundscapes, Constantine puts his heart and soul into his surreal productions he describes as “atmospheric dreamy sounds for watching the skies.”

That intergalactic emotion is reflected on his upcoming EP, Patience. He adds, “Despite the fact that the sound has changed quite a lot over time, the main thing remains unchanged – this project is a reflection of me, my thoughts, dreams, experiences, and hopes. I can say that this project for me is analogous to keeping a diary or journal, but in sounds.” He adds, “All the music on this release is sun-drenched, just think of spring and the first rays of the warmest sunlight in a long long time. While writing, I was thinking a lot about the first meeting with my future wife, and despite the fact that it was a dull and cold winter back then, it felt like springtime. Even though Spring does not last forever, the heart always becomes warmer just by remembering.”

Today, he shares the first single, “Randomness Is Everything,” a hushed droning track that would be perfect for a Planet Earth score evoking images of nature waking up after a cold, dark winter. Constantine adds, “For the last few years I have thought a lot about the absolute randomness of everything that happens in our world, and I wrote ‘Randomness Is Everything’ under the deep impression of how a series of completely random events was able to lead me to my life’s most important and valuable moments. I wrote it for the love and beauty of all things random.”


Stay tuned for more news from Desolate Horizons.