Run River North Shares “Wake Up” From Forthcoming EP

June 27, 2019 BY Nettwerk

Having ushered in a new era of the band with the release of Monsters Calling Home, Vol. 1 earlier this spring, the Los Angeles-based alternative group Run River North are set to embark on yet another exciting chapter with lead single “Wake Up,” from the second half of that EP collection, Monsters Calling Home, Vol. 2 (details to come).  With a fistful of their most ebullient, catchy, and radio-friendly songs to date, the trio – Alex Hwang (guitar/vocals), Daniel Chae (guitars/vocals), and Sally Kang (keys/vocals)— are focused fully on a fresh, joyful sound. 

Taking a renewed mental and emotional approach to record the EP, Run River North collaborated with Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio), Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi (Grouplove), Chris Chu (POP ETC) and Nick Anderson (The Wrecks) to begin something new; to follow their biggest visions and highest hopes. During the session with Anderson in particular, they realized that not only could they follow their hearts to whatever musical corner of the map they desired, but something golden was waiting for them there as a reward. This time, it came in the form of “Wake Up,” a playful, free-spirited vibe that explores another new avenue for Run River North’s lyrical themes: joy.  Lines like “We ain’t got no money but we got lots of time” and “set heaven on fire” reveal where Hwang and the others are coming from in their new 2019 skin, and that feeling has already started being transmitted to their live audiences. “Every time we play it, it gets an immediate response. Our songs sometimes take so much emotion to perform but this one feels effortless. It allows us to stay present and just have a lot more fun while playing. We all can feel it: this is the song,” says Hwang.