Rosie Darling Shares Latest Single “Heavy”

February 1, 2021 BY Nettwerk



A month back, a fresh-eyed L.A. transport from just outside of Boston, Rosie Darling entered the indie-pop scene with her debut single “Coping.” With her first artist statement, Rosie has amassed nearly 5 million streams across all platforms since the track’s release, charting on 14 different Spotify Viral 50 charts, landing Top 20 on the Global Viral Chart. Out today, Rosie shares the follow-up single, “Heavy.”

If “Coping” is what introduced Rosie’s uncanny lyricism, then “Heavy” is where it blossoms. In rapid-fire, she starts off the song with “I don’t know how to put things on ice, I’ve got a headache, I talk in my sleep, and say what I mean but I can’t seem to say it when anyone’s listening.” That high energy, almost slam poetry singing mirrors the chaotic nature of a past relationship. Rosie says, “I picture thoughts going in all different directions. I wanted that because that plays into a visual of anxiety.” But as the chorus nears, a more somber tone appears, with the lyrics, “if it’s heavy for you then it’s heavier for me.” Even as punchier percussion highlights Rosie’s words, there is a softness that floats above everything else.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more info.  “Heavy” is available at all digital retailers HERE:

About Rosie Darling:

Intense emotional growth is often the best fuel for a musician’s creative fire, and Rosie has certainly turned pain into beauty on her debut single “Coping.”  Like many artists, Rosie grew up in a creative and bustling household. Around the age of twelve, her dad taught her a few chords on the guitar, and those lessons, coupled with the rise of mega singer-songwriters like Taylor Swift, propelled Rosie into her own storytelling. At fourteen, she got into the studio and found that the recording process came naturally to her. In her words, the studio is her safe place. After casually writing and performing throughout high school and college, Rosie decided to pursue music more seriously, toplining on some tracks and connecting with producers. In 2017, Rosie and producer OKO released “L.A.,” and at about three million streams on Spotify, the track has done well considering the pair released it entirely on their own. Later in 2019, Rosie wrote “Never Be The Same” for EDM duo Tritonal, and the track hit number one on SiriusXM’s BPM radio.   After moving to Los Angeles from the East Coast, Rosie took on the daunting task of networking in a city that is notoriously spread out and filled to the brim with other artists on the rise. After only two years in LA, Rosie has built a strong network of producers and songwriters, crediting her success to her focus and determination, along with a bit of risk-taking. But fully pursuing a passion can come with a price, and Rosie has poured all the loss and love of the past couple of years into a forthcoming debut EP (details TBA).

“…brings a soothing voice and peace of mind to these turbulent times.” – PopMatters

“Rosie Darling is here to declare her place as a recording artist” – FLAUNT

“Rosie Darling is now ready to debut her talents as a solo artist with the release of this beautifully simple yet captivating slice of pop” – Alfitude