Roses & Revolutions Self-Titled Debut EP Out Today

August 3, 2018 BY Nettwerk


Music often invites us elsewhere. The lyrics and instrumentation prop open the door to an unseen realm that gives shape to emotions in the form of notes, vibrations, and echoes.

Offset by two extremes, Roses & Revolutions unlock such a place. Robust synths, airy guitars, and thick percussion reverberate beneath frontwoman Alyssa Coco’s wonderfully wild croon as lyrics dance between flights of intense feeling and primal tensions.

This yin-yang defines the Rochester, NY band’s self-titled 2018 debut EP, Roses & Revolutions [out today via Nettwerk Records].

“It’s all a balance,” says Alyssa. “It’s sweet, but it’s not. It’s a female voice, but it’s beckoning you into this darker world via the lyrics and atmospheres. For me, the word ‘Roses’ evokes the feminine, because ‘Rose’ is my middle name. ‘Revolutions’ evokes the masculine. What we do exists in the middle.”

For years, Alyssa and co-founder Matt Merritt orbited each other in the vibrant Upstate New York scene. A lifelong pop obsessive, Alyssa taught herself piano by studying Vanessa Carlton and Carole King songbooks. Her raw approach powered numerous local acts.

Concurrently, Matt traded trumpet for guitar in high school before studying Jazz Performance at University of SUNY Purchase. The pair shared the stage in a handful of bands before striking out on their own with the ambition of penning music for film and television syncs.

Their first composition “The Pines” quietly transformed into a phenomenon in 2016. Not only did it go viral in the UK and on Spotify Canada—where it reached #2 on the Viral Chart—but it quickly amassed over 1.5 million streams. Nettwerk founder Terry McBride personally signed the group upon hearing them. Between releasing follow-up single “Moment” and a holiday-inspired Winter Solstice EP, they went on to share the stage with everyone from Kaleo and Marian Hill to K. Flay and VÉRITÉ. Additionally, Roses & Revolutions received early acclaim from Paste, Indie Shuffle, Yahoo! Music, and more.

They sharpened a signature style along the way.

Now, Roses & Revolutions formally welcome everyone into their world.

“When I listen to my favorite artists’ albums all the way through, they take you away, and that’s what I hope our listeners feel,” Alyssa leaves off. “You want to feel like you’re in someone else’s world when you watch a TV show or movie. I want them to sit there for twenty minutes and be are a part of something else.”

Track List:

  1. White Wave
  2. Big Bad Wolf
  3. The Pines
  4. Get That Feeling
  5. Hearts