Roses & Revolutions Share “Coffee feat. Lostboycrow”; Listen Here

May 14, 2021 BY Nettwerk


Indie Pop duo Roses & Revolutions transports us to life on the road with their latest single, “Coffee (feat. Lostboycrow)” (out today via Nettwerk Records). “Coffee” featuring the soulful indie-pop sounds of Lostboycrow is rhythmic and upbeat, with a catchy melody and pop feel. Roses & Revolutions invites its listeners into their world of reminiscing that can never get too loud, with the vocal intimacy exchanged and collaborated between guest vocalist Lostboycrow and vocalist, musician, and frontwoman Alyssa Coco.

It’s always such a nice gust of inspiration to connect with people who are not only creative but incredibly kind and humble. Coffee (yes, I guess you could say we met over coffee) was our first time going from internet friends to collaborators. It was so refreshing to be able to lend a piece of myself to the already smooth and wonderful foundation they had crafted,” says Lostboycrow.

Roses & Revolutions, which consist of Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt, transformed their dystopian feelings into a thing of beauty. Their latest single unfolds like a short film noir, which sets a palpable mood and cycles through a wave of emotions. “Towards the beginning of quarantine, when everything felt very mundane, I brought my mind back to being on tour just at the beginning of March, to quite literally sitting downstairs in the lobby of one of the hotels, sipping a cup of coffee. I realized there’s something so small and special about it. There have been many times in my life that things have been discussed or worked out with someone in a lobby of a hotel, in person or on the phone,” notes Alyssa Coco.

Roses & Revolutions brings us into their world of romantic kind of singer-songwriter sound, which feels like a vast desert landscape and an intimate space among friends. In “Coffee,” the details of voice memos provide a texture and a foundation for the vocal collaboration to shine. “There are voice memos of us at coffee shops mixed in with some of the chatter, and one of the high hats is a spoon hitting a coffee cup,” says Matt Merritt, collaborator, and songwriter to Roses & Revolutions.