Rosemary & Garlic Share “Blue Boy” Official Music Video; US Live Debut At SXSW

March 12, 2018 BY Nettwerk


Dutch DIY folk duo Rosemary & Garlic – Anne van den Hoogen (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Dolf Smolenaers (piano, keyboard, electric guitar, vocals) – are heading to this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) for their U.S. live debut with several key showcases in Austin (listed below). The duo will be joined by their live band – Tim Vermulst (drums, sounds, moog) and Dionne Nijsten (cello). Rich in atmosphere and poetry, this will mark the first time the band has brought their haunting live performance stateside.

To celebrate their arrival, Rosemary & Garlic share the official music video for latest single “Blue Boy” from their self-titled debut album that was released earlier this year.  “The ’Blue Boy’ video is the second of a 2-part series to come from our recently released debut album. The passing of time is a musical theme for us and you can hear it with the rewinding of tape and the ticking of clocks woven around a melancholic piano. With ‘Blue Boy’, the kids from the first video  [“I’m Here (Spring Version)”] have grown up. We wanted to show the power of imagination and friendship, but also teenage vulnerability,” says Dolf.  Adding, “We shot the first video in Sweden and Italy, while this one was filmed in the small Dutch village where Anne grew up.”

The video portrays a young teenager that grows up in a small village during late summer. Alienated from friends, he finds solace in nature and beautifully recreating the world around him via origami. The video embraces the young outsider, the power of the imaginary, friendship and the vulnerability of teenagers

Filmed in Ravenstein, The Netherlands, it’s a sequel to the duo’s video for “I’m Here (Spring Version)” in which two children become great friends in the Italian springtime landscape:

Contemporary artist Gregory Euclide (most famously known for creating the artwork for Bon Iver’s critically acclaimed second album) created the album’s gorgeous and striking artwork.  The mood of the album is perfectly reflected by the fairy-tale-like image of the water surrounded by vegetation, in which the grimness of the city is reflected.

SXSW Schedule:

Wed, March 14 at 8PM – Paradiso Presents @ New Dutch Wave House (Waller Ballroom – 700 E 6th St)

Thur, March 15 at 1:30PM – Dutch Impact @ New Dutch Wave House (Waller Ballroom – 700 E 6th St)

Fri, March 16 at 7PM – SXSW Official @ Central Presbyterian Church (200 E 8th St)

Watch “The Tempest” (Live @ Paradiso):