Rosemary & Garlic Release Live EP ‘A Step Outside’ (Out Today); Listen To “Dreamer (Live In Amsterdam) 

June 28, 2019 BY Nettwerk

“Close your eyes, don’t think of the harsh Middle-European winter right now and dream yourself away to two and a half minutes provided by Dutch dream folk two-piece Rosemary & Garlic” – Nothing But Hope And Passion

Today, Dutch DIY dream-folk artist Rosemary & Garlic (aka Anne van den Hoogen) release A Step Outside EP, a collection of songs recorded live at the St Pauli Kirchein Hamburg during Reeperbahn 2018 and at Paradiso Amsterdam.

Adding a live chapter to her repertoire, A Step Outside contains songs from The Kingfisher EP and the self-titled debut album Rosemary & Garlic. The songs often portray a blue character upon whose chest the world lies heavy, or whose mind seems troubled. Yet all characters take a step outside and wander their own worlds, relying on the surviving power of their imagination.

I have always had a love for live songs, although they seem quite rare these days on radio or streaming services. A live version of a song can own the magic of the connection between the artists and the audience. I love the sound of a hall or room in which a lot of people are trying to keep quiet and the artist sometimes giggles or tells a bad joke… My favorite live album is Miles of Ailes (1974) by Joni Mitchell,” says van den Hoogen.

“To step outside and play these songs live was something I found quite difficult. That hasn’t changed really, but what has changed is my view on what it can mean to play live. It can create that magical atmosphere, something that you’re both scared of and addicted to.

Track List:
  1. Old Now (Live in Hamburg)
  2. Take This Hand (Live in Amsterdam)
  3. The Kingfisher (Live in Hamburg)
  4. The Dancers (Live in Amsterdam)
  5. Blue Boy (Live in Hamburg)
  6. Dreamer (Live in Amsterdam)