Rose Betts Unveils Emotionally Charged Single “War”

February 9, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

UK-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Rose Betts delivers a poignant exploration of love’s complexities in her latest single, “War.”. Rose unveils this single and announces her signing to Nettwerk Music Group.

With lyrics that delve into the pain of unrequited love and the struggle to break free from its grasp, Rose Bett’s powerful vocals and stirring melodies evoke a profound sense of catharsis.  

Rose explains, “Most of us have been in a position where we wanted something from somebody that they could not give. Unrequited love is up there with one of the most painful feelings. There’s also the kind of love which is destructive. It pulls you apart… gets in to all the happy places and poisons them. And all the time it’s whispering love into your ear. War is a song about emerging from a bubble of that kind of love, suddenly realizing what’s been happening and being able to separate from it.” 

The track, which is strong on its own as a raw piano and voice composition, evolved into a meticulously crafted masterpiece with the help of Rose Bett’s collaborators, John Mark Nelson and Sean Cook. “War” seamlessly blends haunting melodies with battlefield elements, including the strains of Rose’s twin Lisa’s Celtic flute and the evocative presence of bagpipes, lending the song a sense of turmoil and transcendence.

Rose Betts is poised to make an unforgettable mark on the music scene, captivating audiences with her authentic voice and compelling storytelling.