Rising UK Artist Paris Paloma Releases “LABOUR,” The Viral Rallying Cry Against Misogyny

March 23, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Surrey-based singer-songwriter Paris Paloma releases her new single “labour” via Nettwerk. A  wild, stirring yet self-contained anthem, “labour” tells the story of a woman railing against the inequity of labour within heteronormative relationships. With her usual poetic lyricism and beautiful approach to melody, Paris manages to express a familiar, feminine rage through this folky, dark pop offering. Listen to the goosebump-inducing battle cry HERE

The viral single has received a rapturous response from fans, with previews of the song on TikTok garnering hundreds of thousands of views. The attention spurs from the powerful message behind the track. “‘labour’ takes us inside a relationship where the speaker’s self-worth is once again reduced, like many people who find themselves in draining relationships with undeserving people. Taking on all the emotional labour – because we accept the love we think we deserve. But it is a breaking point… it is the first time the speaker acknowledges the toxicity of these dynamics, and the song is about the escape from that relationship,” Paloma exclaims.

The up-and-coming musician has already found streaming success and a loyal, dedicated fanbase with her previous releases, including last month’s “notre dame” and “forsaken.” Her single “the fruits” has also garnered millions of streams to date, along with stunning covers of Hozier (who shared her version of “Tell It To My Heart” to his followers) and Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

About Paris Paloma:

Originally hailing from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Paris Paloma channels the experience of womanhood into her songwriting, speaking to the female experience, grief, love, death, and power. Her songwriting reads like poetry, drawing inspiration from figures throughout mythology, art history and the Romantics. Ranging from the tender and heartbreaking to the sublimely aggressive and vengeful. Her ethereal sound takes influences from dark pop, folk, and indie genres; creating a magical discography that evokes something primal and innately feminine.