Riley Pearce Shares “All My Love” From Upcoming EP ‘Love and All That Stuff,’ Out March 19

December 11, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Today, alt-folk singer/songwriter Riley Pearce shares “All My Love,” the second offering from his new EP, Love and All That Stuff, out March 19, 2021.  The effecting track celebrates the joy and stillness that comes from having a partner who brings out the best in you. Riley explains, “I’ve been with my girlfriend Alex for five years now, and she can always brighten my mood. I’m quite a workaholic, and she helps me to get out of my own head. It’s actually her voice that features in various moments of the song. I was in the studio one day with Hayden Calnin (producer) finishing this song, and we had this idea to get Alex saying some lines to drop into the song. It added a great element.”

“All My Love” follows the release of “Electricity,” a warm ballad about the uncertainties a young couple faces as they pursue their passions and careers. Both songs hint at the overarching theme of the Love and All That Stuff: navigating life with a special someone.

An introspective singer-songwriter, Riley often writes about his difficulty coping with change and his love-hate relationship with nostalgia. With family spread across the globe and his own stretches of living in a number of different cities, Riley’s lyrics reflect that all too human need for connection. His honest songwriting, and relatable storytelling has resonated both in Australia and overseas, with over 50 million streams to date.