Riley Pearce Releases New Track “Breathe & Release” From Upcoming EP ‘Maybe I Can Sleep It Off’

June 26, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Australian singer/songwriter Riley Pearce shares new track “Breathe & Release” from his upcoming EP Maybe I Can Sleep It Off, out September 25 via Nettwerk. Maybe I Can Sleep It Off sees Riley explore his relationship with his craft, both lyrically and musically. On “Breath & Release,” breathy vocals give way to a choir-style call-and-response.

“It’s me coming to terms with where I am both in life and in songwriting and not taking it all too seriously,” Riley confesses. “I realized I’ve got ages to find my songwriting voice. It’s going to be a journey of my songs and I trying to get the best out of each other.”

Riley previously released EP track “Ceramic Real Estate,” which Atwood Magazine called “a cathartic, fresh alt-folk sigh of relief.” 

An introspective singer-songwriter, Riley Pearce often writes about his difficulty coping with change and his love-hate relationship with nostalgia. With family spread across the globe and his own stretches of living in a number of different cities, Riley’s lyrics reflect that all too human need for connection. His honest songwriting and relatable storytelling has resonated both in Australia and overseas, with over 50 million streams to date.

After a big year of touring Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom in 2019, Riley left Perth and returned to live in Melbourne, the city he left before he was old enough to remember it. The move helped him realign his focus, and he fell back in love with making music.

With a new sense of focus and inspiration, Riley has added a different dimension to his sound. A chance-find pedal at a second-hand shop in London and a special Japanese Fender Jaguar owned by his producer Andy Lawson paved the way for Maybe I Can Sleep It Off.