Reid Jenkins Returns With “I’m Alright,” A New Single From The NYC Baroque Bedroom Pop Artist 

March 18, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Baroque bedroom-pop, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Reid Jenkins shares “I’m Alright” fresh after the release of his debut solo EP, A Beautiful Start.

I’m Alright” sprung from a moment Reid had walking down the street. Jenkins shares, “I tend to overthink. So, when I went through a prolonged period of not feeling like my best self, I put a lot of pressure on getting to the bottom of why I was feeling that way, as if it were a giant puzzle to solve. Instead of going down my usual rabbit hole – “I need to know why I feel this way so that I don’t slip backward” – I allowed myself a moment to stop analyzing, justifying, and explaining away my darker emotions. I wrote “I’m Alright” to capture this feeling of relief, and also to remind myself that, as important as it is to think and deconstruct, it’s also important to feel my feelings as they are without the burden of analyzing them.


Reid is one-half of the indie-folk band Morningsiders, who are known for their single “Empress,” which reached the #1 spot on Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50 playlist. On his debut EP, A Beautiful Start, Reid Jenkins explores a colorful medley of emotions and musical influences, drawing from his roots in folk music as well as his fascination with sound design and production. Born into a family of musicians, it’s no exaggeration to say that Reid’s childhood was like The Royal Tenenbaums meets The Carter Family. Raised in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Reid, who is trained in violin (jazz & classical) as well as fiddle-music, grew up playing in a family band with his parents and two older sisters Cassandra Jenkins and Steph Jenkins. His family became well-known in musician circles for hosting a longstanding house concert series, as well as for opening their home as a stopover for a patchwork of touring musicians, from indie rock royalty to opera singers. Immersed in this exposure to a wide variety of artists from an early age, music has always played a central role in Reid’s life.