Raleigh, NC Producer linanthem Shares ‘sonder’ Album

March 24, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, Raleigh, NC-based artist linanthem shares his new album sonder his first full-length to drop with Nettwerk. Blending lofi, dance, jazz, funk and future beats, the 14-track project is his longest since his 2020 project sonnets from the south (HERE).

“I started to develop the concept of this album in the winter of 2020,” explains linanthem. “’sonder’ tells the story of a 20-year-old going day in and out trying desperately to conduct himself in a society he seems very distant from. To be in a room full of friends and still very alone and distant. Feelings of days gone by. A feeling of blasé. Throughout the album, there are themes of feeling like a ghost in a shell.”

sonder arrives following the release of nine singles, several of which have landed DSP editorials. Introductory single “wind in my sails” (HERE) was added to the #2 slot on Apple Music’s “The Lounge – GLOBAL” playlist and was also added to Apple’s “Hotel” playlist. Singles “searching for” (HERE) and “own pace” (HERE) received support from TIDAL’s “Rising: Electronic” playlist. 

While sonder is serious in nature, linanthem hasn’t been afraid to get humorous with promoting the project. One tactic was creating an AI clip of the Joe Rogan Podcast, where Rogan defends linanthem against an AI Donald Trump (watch HERE).

“He’s got this weird take on [lofi] where he’ll take a jazz melody and layer it with these weird electronic elements,” says AI Rogan. “I’ve been getting a lot of work done to this guy’s music.”

Listeners are sure to be just as enamored when they give sonder a spin. The LP is available at digital retailers here: https://linanth3m.ffm.to/sonder

sonder Tracklist 

01. wind in my sails

02. over skies

03. searching for

04. to make amends

05. patience & affirmation

06. if i

07. take a chance

08. own pace

09. wake up

10. call my name

11. you asked how I felt

12. boundaries

13. you (with Sr.Sn)

14. it’s the letting go

Photo Credit: Sylvia Massey | Download HERE

Artist Biography:

Lofi music producer linanthem crafts relaxed instrumentals that pay homage to lofi’s hip-hop predecessors while pushing the genre forward. His style evokes a spiritual blend of influences rooted in the foundation of J. Dilla, Nujabes, and Clams Casino. Like watching the rain fall or tending to a garden, his songs are mystical, philosophical, and relaxed in nature. The Raleigh, North Carolina resident shapes each release with a blend of sample-driven bumps, cinematic instrumentals, and meditative dreamscapes. Press play and grow. Close your eyes and float.