Radical Face To Release ‘The Bastards’ Ahead Of Final Installment Of ‘The Family Tree Trilogy’

October 22, 2015 BY Nettwerk

Ben Cooper, AKA Radical Face, will release the final installment of The Family Tree Trilogy in early 2016. Ahead of that, he presents The Bastards on November 6 as a special collection for his longtime dedicated fans.

As Radical Face fans and followers know, with each volume of The Family Tree comes an EP of a few tracks that didn’t make it onto the full-length albums, but are still part of The Family Tree project, aptly titled The Bastards Volume 1, 2, 3 and soon to be 4. Now, he has taken the tracks from those three EPs, along with two new, previously unreleased “bastards” from the recording of the third Family Tree installment, and formed an 11-track full-length album available at all digital retailers and streaming services for the first time.
Ben explains, “These EPs are just the songs that didn’t fit on the proper records, but they are still a part of the whole Family Tree project. And the songs aren’t throwaways. I’m actually quite happy with them. They just didn’t fit the album in terms of pace, or tone.
More than 10 years ago, Radical Face started crafting the story of a fictitious, sometimes otherworldly 19th century family called The Northcotes. He brought these characters to life in a three-part album series he created and recorded alone in Jacksonville, FL. Certain instrumentations and melodies were used to represent various “family members” and each album was recorded using only the instrumentation available during the era represented.

The first two albums in the trilogy, The Family Tree: The Roots (released 2011) and The Family Tree: The Branches (released 2013) debuted at #20 and #10 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, respectively.

Stay tuned for more news on the final installment of The Family Tree.
The Bastards Track Listing:
1. Sisters
2. Baptisms
3. Servants And Kings*
4. All Is Well (It’s Only Blood)
5. All Is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)
6. Second Family Portrait
7. Letters Home (Aftermath)
8. We’re On Our Way
9. West
10. Small Hands*
11. Nightclothes
*Previously unreleased