QUIET ARROWS Shares New Song “Dark Light” From Upcoming Album ‘Behind The Breastbone,’ Out Apr 29 

February 18, 2022 BY Danielle Romeo

Quiet Arrows is the project of Samuel Robertson, a wordsmith who sings with a hushed voice and crafts songs like a map-maker, a voyager — jotting lyrics and cataloging sounds like so many lines of latitude and longitude. His new album Behind The Breastbone, out April 29th, is full of songs of love, thoughtful explorations, and hopeful melancholy. Today, he shares new single, “Dark Light,” which explores trying to help the one you love find light within the surrounding darkness.

Robertson says, “’Dark Light’ is about the ache of watching the struggle of someone you love, and the feeling of wanting to help ease the pain. A longing to give of your own strength to help a weary heart, and a hope that between the two of you together there is enough.”

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Samuel first began writing songs with his wife Hannah in the singer-songwriter duo The Woodlands, and Quiet Arrows evolved simultaneously. The songs have a signature emotive quality: poetic lyrics, introspective pondering, lush harmonies, interesting arrangements. He utilizes this persona as an outlet to examines life’s push-and-pull in its purest state. After amassing nearly 40 million streams and landing 100-plus syncs, he returns with Behind The Breastbone.

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