QUIET ARROWS New EP ‘Fault Lines’ Out Now; Listen To “Love and Misery”  

September 10, 2021 BY Nettwerk


Quiet Arrows is the project of Samuel Robertson, a wordsmith who sings with a hushed voice on the softly undulating fingerpicking of an acoustic guitar. Samuel molds friction into beauty with his latest EP Fault Lines (out now via Nettwerk Records).

Of the EP and the writing process, he says: “I’ve experienced a lot, especially over the last couple of years,” he admits. “I’m dealing with some different things that have caused me a lot of physical pain. My soul is demanding I create and write songs, but my body has to pay the price. I’ve been thinking about this concept of challenge and friction. When we come up against something, we can either be destroyed by it or make us stronger. Looking at those things in my personal life, that’s what made me gravitate to the lyrical content of these particular songs.

Today, he shares “Love and Misery,” where minimal acoustic strumming colors rhythmic percussion as he examines a “love so deep it sometimes aches.”

’Love and Misery’ is about the strange friction of how love can feel so strong it hurts,” he says. “To experience deep love, you must be willing to feel deep pain. To taste the sweetness of honey, you have to risk a sting.”

Fault Lines is available at all digital retailers, click here: https://quietarrows.ffm.to/faultlines.

Track List:

1. Love and Misery
2. Dust and Ashes
3. Drop Your Guard
4. Dust and Ashes (Acoustic)
5. Drop Your Guard (Acoustic)