Project CARS 2 Launch Trailer Features Remix Of Delerium’s Hit “Silence”

September 22, 2017 BY Nettwerk

To celebrate the September 22nd release of Project CARS 2, the Launch Trailer featured a track that has been hailed as one of the greatest trance anthems of all time, and one that was specifically revisited by Rhys Fulber, co-founder of the electronica band Delerium, for the Trailer.

Taking the song’s tempo down to 100 BPM to highlight Sarah McLachlan’s sublime vocals, Rhys Fulber created a new cinematic techno dub remix of “Silence” to welcome 2017’s definitive racing game, Project CARS 2.

How it came to be featured in the Launch Trailer makes for an interesting back-story to the development of Project CARS 2. It all came about through a chance discussion between Rod Chong, CCO at Slightly Mad Studios, and Ian Bell, CEO. Four careers ago, Rod was in the music video scene where he got to know fellow Canadian Rhys Fulber who was, along with Bill Leeb, part of the Canadian electronic musical duo Delerium.

In 1997, Delerium released an album entitled Karma that included “Silence” featuring Sarah McLachlan, the Canadian singer-songwriter who has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. The album Karma with its single “Silence” didn’t feature on many charts at the time of release (though the single did top the charts in Ireland), but when the track was re-released three years later, it became an international sensation throughout Europe (reaching number 3 on the charts in the UK) and even in the US, where it peaked at 25.

A big part of the runaway success was the remix by Tiësto, and Fade, and the single’s explosion in clubs around the world as it was picked up and played by influential DJs such as Paul Oakenfold. “Silence” eventually ended up on the soundtrack for the movie Brokedown Palace, with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale playing the leads.

That was the time when Ian Bell initially heard the song, and it made a lasting impression. In 2017, when he and Rod were having a chat about which track to feature with Project CARS 2, Ian off-handedly remarked that it would be great to have his all-time favourite song in the game. “What song’s that?” asked Rod. “ ‘Silence’,” replied Ian. “It’s this track from—” “I know it,” replied Rod. “Rhys, the guy from Delerium, is a friend of mine.” A couple of calls later, and Rod had convinced Rhys to create an electronic remix of “Silence” specifically for the Launch Trailer of Project CARS 2.

Now, through Nettwerk Records, you can own that Project CARS 2 remix.

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