Producer-Musician SCayos To Release ‘shortstories’ EP (Out June 24)  

May 13, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

On June 24, the 19-year-old pianist, producer, and composer Scayos will release shortstories, a 5-track lofi-instrumental EP that maps various places and locations that have come to define the last two years.

The concept behind the EP was simple; I wanted the music to be part of something bigger,” reflects SCayos. “Each of the songs has many similarities and many differences that form a story. Each song from the EP is a chapter about where I was in my life, and this collection of stories makes up a small book that is a window for seeing what I was feeling at that time.”

Out today, SCayos shares “lostintheforest.” He says, “as a song I made while cooped up in my room over the summer after finding a drum break I recorded a while back. Then I recorded the piano and added the other ornamental sounds, which were fun to make. I made the pluck by reversing flutes and saxophones and chopping them up. I played a lot with reversing pianos and textures in the background.” Adding, “this track is about wandering in a forest and the feeling of being lost yet just in awe of the beauty of the forest. I go hiking pretty often, and I tried to capture the rush you feel when you reach the top of the mountain/cliff you went out to climb and the journey behind it all!”

Currently a student at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, SCayos is a young artist from Mumbai, India. In 2021, SCayos released his beat tape, Ethereal Nights. At 15 songs, the LP showcased an atmospheric palette of daydreamy beats and vivid, lush wonders. Features included familiar names such as Barnes Blvd., frumhere, Strehlow, and others.

Despite making beats since age 12 and playing piano since age 5, SCayos is just getting started. Experimenting with his voice, SCayos continues to push his boundaries. Full of inspiration and influences that range from Maurice Ravel to Kanye West, FKJ to Frank Ocean, there is much more to expect from SCayos, including his debut full-length (via Nettwerk) down the road and plenty of singles and collaborations along the way.

A listening experience based on reflection and adventure, the EP is an affecting blend of self-produced beats with jazzy, hip-hop energy.

“lostintheforest” is available at all digital retailers here:

Track List:
1. longdriveswyou (co-main w Carter Stark)**
2. imagineifthe
3. lostintheforest
4. spaceportaladventures
5. wheredidyougo

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