Portair Signs To Nettwerk; Shares Mazzy Star Cover       

December 11, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Today, alternative multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Portair shares his expansive piano-driven cover of Mazzy Star’s iconic track, “Fade Into You.” To accompany the track, the Sydney born, and Los Angeles based Portair created an otherworldly music video set in a sun-drenched desert-scape that perfectly captures the track’s vast scope.

Portair explains, “’Fade Into You’ seemed like the perfect choice for a song to cover. Mazzy Star’s original has been a favourite of mine for years and I really wanted to give my own spin on it. The original has such a nostalgic feel to it, and I thought I could attempt to rebuild that while bringing out the emotion from the meaning of the lyrics. From my research, it seems like the original was written about loving someone with depression. For me, I wanted to take that and change the perspective to loving yourself with depression. The video we made is set in the desert with me pulling a boat full of memories and trinkets through the dirt and sand. Metaphorically speaking, I wanted to try create a visual element to represent this.

The cover is Portair’s first release since signing to Nettwerk this fall. Stay tuned for more to come from him in 2021.