November 17, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Michal Leah can fit in any era. On one hand, she sounds at home accompanied by nothing more than a stripped-back solo piano. On the other, she’s just as comfortable opening up on social media, speaking to Gen-Z with a fluency that only a 20-year-old could possess. It’s why she’s already generated hundreds of millions of plays and built an audience of over 1 million cumulative followers. Today, the pop powerhouse on-the-rise drops her new EP part two, along with her first official music video for stand-out track “What Are We Doing?”

Michal assembled part two during sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville. This time around, she expanded her sonic palette. The project includes recent releases “Think I’m Gonna Love You,” where she collaborated with her fiancé and fellow Nettwerk artist Caleb Hearn, fan-favorite cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Something Stupid,” and sultry single “Let Me Have It All.”

“The main goal was to be super fun and exploratory musically,” Michal affirms. “There’s a little bit of pop. There’s also a little bit of a soul vibe. It was great to try new things.”

Speaking of trying new things, Michal released her first-ever official music video for “What Are We Doing?” The track features handclaps, funky guitar, and jazz-y piano that swings and sways beneath her charismatic and confident vocals.

Michal describes the filming process, “Filming the music video for ‘What Are We Doing?’ was so incredible. It’s my first music video ever so that in itself was so exciting and special. I had the honor of working with Working Holiday who really brought this song to life and taught me so much about production and all that goes into it. I really couldn’t have done it without them and their incredible minds. We wanted this music video to be fun, mysterious, and playful, I think we did just that and more.”

In the end, Michal’s fresh perspective on timeless song-craft proves instantly relatable.

“One of the most beautiful aspects of music is it allows everyone to associate their own emotions. You can hopefully take what you need from it.”

About Michal:

She might be only 20 years old, but the Chicago-born, Nashville-based soul-pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist sings with the wisdom, range, and intuition of an artist with decades more experience. Her Nettwerk debut, “The Way I Love You,” has garnered over 300 million listens on its TikTok sound, charted on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in 11 countries, and gained recognition from Meghan Trainor, Lauren Spencer Smith, and more.