philine Unveils Debut Single “green” from Upcoming EP

April 5, 2024 BY Emma Orland

Rising indie artist philine is set to captivate listeners with her debut single “green”. The track serves as a compelling introduction to her upcoming EP, offering a glimpse into her introspective songwriting and ethereal soundscapes.

With “green,” philine transports listeners on a mesmerizing journey through lush acoustic guitar melodies and a delicate beat, setting the stage for her enchanting vocals to take center stage. The song’s wistful hook, “Darling, everything is green. Took me so long just to see,” invites listeners to embrace a perspective of curiosity rather than judgment, finding beauty in every aspect of life.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “green,” philine shares, “I wrote it after my first psychedelic experience. During the trip, everything seemed so connected, and I realized that how we perceive the world shapes our reality. This moment really changed the way I look at life. ‘Green’ is about embracing what unites us all and seeing the beauty and love in everything.”

Drawing from her first psychedelic experience, philine infuses “green” with a sense of unity and surrender, inviting listeners to surrender to the collective experience of existence. The song embodies philine’s unique blend of introspection, storytelling, and dreamy melodies, promising to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

More about philine
When philine writes a song, she invites everyone to spend a little time inside of her head.

Her tender voice, delicate tunes, and vivid lyrics grab your attention right away, but it’s her wild imagination that really hooks you and, ultimately, inspires. It’s as if she’s turning her feelings into real-life magic, letting her thoughts dance around in catchy melodies and shimmering chords. After quietly buzzing out of The Netherlands, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist opens up her world on her upcoming EP, set to release later this year.

Early on, she recognized the power of music. Mom taught music to kindergarten-age kids in addition to constantly singing and playing guitar around the house. Transfixed by her mother, philine went from penning her own songs in Dutch to writing in English at 11-years-old. After participating in a professional songwriting competition as a teen, she recognized her path forward. “That’s when I decided I wanted to be a professional songwriter and musician,” she notes. She attended a conservatory in Rotterdam, logging countless hours in the studio with friends. During 2020, she formally introduced herself with the single “gone.” The songstress further built momentum with her debut so sick of myself EP [2023], generating streams in the millions. Not to mention, she joined Melle for “Old Summers,” which reeled in over 524K Spotify streams. Throughout 2023, she absorbed inspiration from the world around her and wrote what she saw, felt, and experienced.

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