Philine Sonny Shares New EP ‘Invader’ + “In Denial” Music Video

March 1, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, German-born alternative singer-songwriter and producer Philine Sonny shares her electric sophomore EP Invader via Nettwerk. A master of hook-packed, guitar driven pop catharsis, and Philine Sonny is only just getting started.

On the shimmering, ‘80s-synth-soaked EP, Philine digs into the universal sentiment of feeling like an imposter wherever you go. With Invader, she peels back the sonic and emotional layers that allow for her to showcase an infectious soundscape and relatable storytelling as it deals with personal relationships and the intricacies of growing up & finding a sense of belonging. The tracks see-saw from existential angst to cinematic driven anecdotes. With her open-hearted artistry and unapologetically authentic demeanor, Invader serves as a deeply personal project that reflects Philine’s internal journey of self-discovery and resilience.

Philine shares this about Invader, “One of the overall themes of the EP is a feeling of not belonging, overstepping lines, and disrupting or ‘invading’ spaces. That is something I’ve noticed I am very afraid of doing, in many different areas of my life. Going to therapy probably really helped shine a light on that issue and made me realize it’s been a big thing for me for quite some time now. So, even if some of the songs came about way before that realization, I feel like seeing that connection between these 5 songs, that still deal with very different topics, is what made me choose them to be released all together as part of my new project called ‘Invader.’ Moreover, what I’ve noticed over the course of making the EP is that being a producer has become more and more important to me. It’s what I spend most of my time on, it’s so much fun, a big part of my creative identity and my sound and yet it’s something that so many people have not recognized or given the appropriate credit to – talking about me or other non-male producers.”

The newest track on the Invader EP is the bass-driven banger In Denial,” which meshes post-punk detachment with retro synth-pop warmth. An anthem for anyone prone to chasing an impossible dream, “In Denial” captures coming-of-age audacity. As Philine says, “It doesn’t hide the pain that comes with hopeful, youthful persistence being overshadowed by the realization that some things just aren’t meant to be. It’s also a reminder that being mad is a necessary step in learning how to stand up for yourself.”

The tongue-in-cheek effort, Drugs,” springs to life with dreamy, layered vocals, plaintive guitar, and a soaring chorus. It touches upon those coming-of-age movie moments, where there’s excitement in the air but altruistically the characters, young and in love, come to different crossroads, unsure where to find road to the next frontier of life.

On the ruminative single Take A While,” Philine slow-builds with atmospheric guitar chords before transitioning to a billowing and lush chorus. Exploring a counterpoint to the feeling of “it just wasn’t meant to be,” the track urges listeners to be persistent, even when a goal feels hopeless. “‘Take A While’ is a loving letter to anyone struggling to let their vulnerability outlive the pain,” Philine says. Meanwhile, the warm, acoustic-led single Stranger In Your Living Room (Demo),” functions as an introspective meditation on friendship, empathy, and how best to be there for someone in grieving.

“Lovely” explores the complexities of relationships, abandonment, and self-discovery. The spare, stripped-down, waltzing ballad is the EP’s most vulnerable track, with Philine posing a tough question: “You thought you could fix me/ But did you love me/ As much as you miss me now?” The ache seeps through as the track explodes with heavily distorted guitar, bashing cymbals, and Philine’s no-holds-barred wail.

Philine Sonny will kick off her “And Everything’s Alright Tour” this May in EU/UK as well as performing at The Great Escape festival in support of her new record.

INVADER EP is available at all digital retailers here:

Invader EP Tracklisting:

1. Drugs

2. In Denial

3. Stranger in Your Living Room (Demo)

5. Take a While

5. Lovely

Tour Dates:

5/2 – Hamburg, DE @ Hebebühne

5/3 – Berlin, DE @ Berghain Kantine

5/4 – Köln, DE @ Luxor

5/6 – Amsterdam, NE @ Cinetol

5/7 – Paris, FR @ Supersonic

5/8 – London, UK @The Social

5/12 – Bristol, UK @ Louisiana

5/14 – Leipzig, DE @ Naumanns

5/15 – Nuremberg, DE @ Club Stereo

5/17 – Brighton, UK @ The Great Escape

5/18 – Munich, DE @ Milla

5/19 – Vienna, AUST @ Chelsea