April 21, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Raised in a family of musicians in Peru, now living in Germany, composer and instrumentalist Sergio Díaz De Rojas, announces his new EP Suite Botanique, along with single, “Cherry Blossom,” out now via Nettwerk. 

Suite Botanique is an ode to some of Sergio’s favorite trees, flowers, and other natural elements, such as water streams and mushrooms.

He describes the project, “The idea to create this EP came to me around the time I was studying Bach’s French Suite No. 5 in G major and constantly listening to Green House’s gorgeous EP Six Songs for Invisible Gardens. I wrote the pieces in my home studio in Valencia, Spain, and recorded them with the support of the lovely Tom Blankenberg on a gorgeous (sounding and looking) Schimmel upright piano in Dusseldorf. Seraphina sat right next to me during the recording session, which was a quite precious experience.

Suite Botanique incorporates various new elements such as a musical saw, field recordings, an analog synthesizer, and quite a bit of reel-to-reel tape processing (and distortion) and the classic, gorgeous sound of Roland’s Space Echo. 

New single “Cherry Blossom” features these beautiful new musical elements. Sergio gives instructions on how to best listen to his newest composition: sit under a cherry tree and reflect on the ephemeral nature of life as you observe its flowers fall.

Sergio took inspiration from his grandfather and his grandfather’s sister, both accomplished pianists and composers. The latter relative —his great aunt Elsa— first taught Sergio classical piano and became the guiding force in his musical development, introducing him to Bach and Chopin when he was 11.