paris91 Shares Lofi Instrumental EP ‘Paper & Tea’; Listen To “Dusty Dreams”

July 22, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

paris91 is a German production duo composed of Deniz & Flo, “music-loving nerds” crafting a distinct sound that incorporates lofi beats, old school hip-hop, and sophisticated jazzy instrumentals.

From their Nettwerk debut EP – Paper & Tea – the duo shares “Dusty Dreams,” the follow-up track to recent single “Porzellan” and first single “Newborn,” a chilled and emotional jazzy lofi beat production featuring bitcrushed hip-hop drums, simple piano lines by Hamburg-based pianist Cedric Johanson and baby babbles. Elsewhere on the 7-track EP, are tracks like “Elbe” – named after the major river that travels through Hamburg, Germany – an instrumental piece that includes bits from jazz musician Menzel Mutzke, as well as the sound of seagulls that are seen and heard throughout Hamburg. Other tracks include “Chesterfield,” a vibey number that combines flugelhorn and the trumpet with recorded guitars and the old-school hip-hop, lean-back track, “Coupé de Ville.”

The EP is a very personal and unique piece of art for us. We took our instruments and field recorder with us to our favorite places like the harbor at the Elbe or the Atlantic Coast in France and met some friends like Mentzel Mutzke, who plays the lovely Flugelhorn. What we created are seven really special and emotional instrumental tracks.”

While both artists spend time on their respective solo projects, they founded the duo because of their love of collaborations. Together, the producers have been creating a unique and inviting sound ever since. Often full of field recordings and atmospheric soundscapes, the beats are later combined with live instruments like violin and guitar.

Paper & Tea is out August 12 via Nettwerk and available to presave here:

“Dusty Dreams” is available at all digital retailers here:

Track List:
1. Newborn
2. Elbe
3. Chesterfield
4. Coupé de Ville
5. Porzellan
6. Dusty Dreams
7. Paper & Tea

EP Cover Art | Download HERE