PANTōNE VU To Release Debut Album ‘THERE ARE NO WORDS’ (Out Sept 23) 

July 1, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Chromesthesia (sound-to-color synesthesia) is when sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color. Meet PANTōNE VU. PANTōNE VU is a synesthesia-curious partnership between two musicians looking to explore the intersection of color and sound.

On September 23, the enigmatic duo (A + K) will release THERE ARE NO WORDS, an album that brings together a string of EP releasesover the last year. The Orange Series EP (HERE) follows the duo’s debut EP The Blue Series (HERE), a two-part concept series that blends found sound, live performance, and modular synth-tinkering, to explore the many musical trails that exist in the corners of the color spectrum.

“We’ve decided to call this one THERE ARE NO WORDS because, well there are no words,” explains the duo. “Our wish is that you, dear listener, will find shelter and perhaps hope in these songs in the middle of our fractured echo-chamber world–a world which often leaves A + K speechless and reaching for their instruments.”

The duo loves to cook–almost as much as they love to eat. To support the album announcement, they share the latest single “Mango Powder.” “This track is like a good masala. You have to know when to add the ingredients. Be careful not to add too much amchur. And sometimes it’s good to just let the groove simmer. Season to taste with tape echo and tremolo. We love all our musical children but this one is special. It is so much fun to play.”

“Mango Powder” is available at all digital retailers here: To presave the album, click here:

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Track List:

1. Danube Blue

2. Blue Atoll

3. Blue Print

4. Ribbon Blue

5. Blue Iolite

6. Reflex Blue

7. Blue Elixir

8. Great Blue Heron

9. Very Peri

10. Russet Orange

11. Orange Apricot

12. Turmeric

13. Carrot Curl

14. Orange Pepper

15. Iceland Poppy

16. Pylon Orange

17. Mango Powder

18. Satsuma