PANTōNE VU Shares ‘The Orange Series’ EP (Out Now); Listen To “Orange Pepper” 

May 20, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Chromesthesia (sound-to-color synesthesia) is when sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color. Meet PANTōNE VU. PANTōNE VU is a synesthesia-curious partnership between two musicians looking to explore the intersection of color and sound. Out today, The Orange Series EP follows the duo’s debut EP, The Blue Series (available to stream HERE), as part of a two-part concept series that blends found sound, live performance, and modular synth-tinkering to explore the many musical trails that exist in the corners of the color spectrum.

“There’s a visual artist named Stephen Appleby-Barr who, in preparing to create new work, first constructs three-dimensional architectural maquettes, which he then uses as the subject of his next painting. We found this process intriguing, and on the ‘Orange Series’ EP, set about attempting to create an audio equivalent—first building little skeletons out of found sounds, snippets of conversations and then weaving those into a new piece of music. ‘Russet Orange’ started with an overheard online conversation between two jazz musicians listening to a John Coltrane record. We set these fragments of conversation against a backdrop of a drum machine, live kit, sampled wind section, and a saxofauxn to arrive at our destination. We built ‘Orange Apricot’ around the maquette of throbbing noise samples from our favorite Patreon synth explorer Hainbach. On ‘Iceland Poppy,’ we set out to write a cue for an imagined film by Ari Aster and then distressed the cue fragment as if it had been sampled from old vinyl.”

The Orange Series is available at all digital retailers here:

Watch The Visualizer For “Orange Pepper” HERE:

‘The Orange Series’ EP Track List:

  1. Russet Orange
  2. Orange Apricot
  3. Tumeric
  4. Carrot Curl
  5. Iceland Poppy
  6. Orange Poppy