OUT 11/4: New Album from LA-based Artist/Producer frumhere

September 2, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, LA-based artist/producer frumhere announces his latest studio album everybody’s type, set for release on November 4. The 9-track album marks the lo-fi musician’s first full-length release with Nettwerk Records.

The announcement of everybody’s type arrives alongside a new single from the hyper-imaginative musician, the sixth from the project. “take care, you” starts out with twinkling piano keys, which recur throughout. The song juxtaposes natural sounds of rainfall with more electronic sounds, such as a reverberating laser, to conjure up images of a peaceful evening. The animated visualizer showcases the remnants of a late night spent making music; with an unplugged MIDI keyboard, a spilled glass of red wine and a cracked vibrating phone all resting atop an abandoned kitchen table.

“I woke up to the sound of the rain and created [‘take care, you’] from 2am to sunrise,” frumhere tells us. “Something magical happens in Los Angeles when it rains. At least for me. I find a lot of creative inspiration when it rains.”

frumhere’s breakthrough single she only likes me when i’m drunk,” introduced the world to his dreamlike form of lofi touched with the sweet haze of nostalgia, which he seeks to move in new directions on everybody’s type.

“take care, you” is available at digital retailers here: frumh3re.ffm.to/takecareyou

everybody’s type TRACKLIST

dreary dusk

fresh rain

just a face 2

the coffee shop

among the trees

take care, you

next to you

deep sea

beyond the river

Photo Credit: Evan Tetrault | Download HERE

frumhere BIO

Revealing his raw emotionality and sophisticated musicianship, each new body of work from the L.A.-based artist/producer centers on his hyper-imaginative and deeply personal storytelling. To that end, the lifelong musician also known as Quentin Mulligan builds many of his tracks around the countless voicemails he’s saved up since his early teens. Raised in Santa Monica, California, Mulligan took up classical piano at age eight and started competing at the national level within several years. After graduating from the prestigious LA County High School for the Arts, he attended CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies in New York City. Although he spent much of his time studying at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, he began looking beyond the classical world and experimenting with production. Soon discovering his affinity for lofi, Mulligan started posting on SoundCloud under the name frumhere. “In the beginning, I got a lot of people asking, ‘Where are you from? You sound like an East Coast producer,’ or ‘You sound like a West Coast producer,'” he explains. “And I’d just tell them, ‘It doesn’t matter—I’m from here.'” frumhere introduced the world to a dreamlike form of lofi touched with the sweet haze of nostalgia and his signature style will continue to expand with upcoming releases through Nettwerk.