ORNAMENT AND CRIME (Poolside & Grizfolk) Share Debut EP 

October 19, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Tomorrow, LA-based duo ORNAMENT AND CRIME are excited to share their debut EP, Another Night On The Astral Plane. The duo, comprised of Poolside producer Alex Kemp and Grizfolk drummer Bill Delia, craft a sound that stretches both genre and sonic structure to create music that imbues a kind of dystopian sensuality. It is an expertly crafted collage of their various abilities and influences. There’s no doubt that time and place seeped in as well. Bill mentions the location of Alex’s Venice Beach studio, saying that although the music, “is not exactly beachy or sunny, that definitely played a part in crafting the sound and vision of the songs.” Instead, the EP is like experiencing the ocean by night, with Bill’s drumming providing the undercurrent that tows the listener along.

The duo also shares the official video for hazy-pop indietronica single “Bad Advice,” featuring vocalist Virginia Palms.


The origins of ORNAMENT AND CRIME begin with Bill, who listened to the most recent Poolside record and reached out to Alex, the producer, and co-writer on the album. After a few writing sessions, they reached out to featured vocalist Virginia Palms. Together, they mastered a balancing act between building a solid foundation for a strong idea to take root and leaving enough space for inspiration to strike.

Stay tuned for more to come soon.