OLD SEA BRIGADE & LUKE SITAL-SINGH Share New Track + Video “Summertime Low”       

July 2, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Old Sea Brigade Luke Sital-Singh share a new song called “Summertime Low” from their upcoming EP collaboration, All The Ways You Sing In The Dark, out August 28th via Nettwerk. Written in Los Angeles, “Summertime Low” distills the summer sunshine into a slow-burn with airy vocals and a chantable chorus. The song will be available at all digital retailers tomorrow, July 3rd.

“It’s a dog days of summer moment,” Ben Cramer (aka Old Sea Brigade) says. “Some days you feel so lazy. The next thing you know, it’s three o’clock in the afternoon and you feel a little down, because you haven’t done anything.”

It feels like a good summation of the whole EP,” Luke remarks. “We’re asking existential questions coupled with hope and thinking of ways life can be better.

The accompanying video for “Summertime Low” (produced by RIOT and directed by Chris “MUG5” Maguire and Nastassja Simone) features footage self-shot by both Ben and Luke in their respective homes in Nashville and Los Angeles. Taking direction from Nastassja and Chris, they captured a plethora of shots that depicted the “locked-off lockdown” concept of the music video.

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Chris said of the experience, “We crafted a camera package that would work easily for Ben and Luke to film themselves, but that also offered us cinematic 4K LOG footage and a plethora of tripods so they could lock off shots anywhere. We shipped the camera from New Jersey to Ben in Nashville who shipped it to Luke in Los Angeles who then shipped it all back to us to edit. I think the whole process took just over a week for the camera to travel the entire length of the country and back, and just like that we had filmed an intimate music video without breaking any lockdown restrictions! We all thoroughly had a blast making ‘Summertime Low’ and the final result is an intimate glimpse into Ben and Luke’s worlds.”

All The Ways You Sing In The Dark is comprised of four songs that carry the spirit of their surroundings. Nodding to the Laurel Canyon renaissance of Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Ben and Luke garnered inspiration from cruising around Silverlake and Hollywood. The pair previously released “Call Me When You Land,” which coasts along on a breeze of acoustic strumming and soft strings, as the two trade verses back and forth. Luke’s high-register hook captivates before a dreamy guitar lead takes flight. Americana UK called the track “a shimmering, dreamy song for the summer,” while Music Is My Life called it “a perfect example of what good chemistry and friendship can produce…the track is magical.”  Meanwhile, “Amaranth Moonlight” feels perfectly suited for a late-night drive with its steady beat, ethereal guitar, and cinematic lyrics. Lush piano and mellotron echo through “Los Feliz.”

Despite being friends for just three years and this being their first collaboration, Nashville-based Old Sea Brigade and LA-based Londoner Luke Sital-Singh share a chemistry that most groups chase for a lifetime. They wrote most of the EP at Luke’s place last summer in just seven days, finishing the recordings alongside Ben’s production partner Owen Lewis in Nashville at Shoebox Studios in December 2019.

Luke and Ben first met at a show together at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City in 2017. Old Sea Brigade then supported Luke for ten dates and as Luke prepared to hit the road with Angus & Julia Stone a few months later, he needed a tour manager. Ben found himself with some free time and obliged. Throughout this trip, the pair developed a strong friendship and over the ensuing two years, they casually emailed song ideas back and forth before Ben flew to LA for that fateful week last summer.

“The whole thing was very refreshing,” says Ben. “Growing up, I came from playing in bands and collaborating with people. This is the closest thing I’ve done to a band in a while. It was a breath of fresh air.”

I’d just released my third record and moved to Los Angeles, so I was looking for a change,” Luke continues. “I was trying to let the process happen as naturally as possible and get through the week—so this guy would leave my house,” he chuckles.

As the world went into quarantine and their solo careers were put on hold, Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh found a rare window on their schedules to release All The Ways You Sing in the Dark.

“We wrote all of this before the pandemic,” Luke admits. “We didn’t have a plan. We simply made something for ourselves that we’re really happy with. When everything happened, we were given an opportunity we might not have had otherwise. It opens up a new world of possibilities for the future.”

For as fast as everything came together, this union has all the makings of an enduring partnership.