Ojai, CA Artist/Producer Fletcher Reed Shares Chill Electronic EP ‘Changemymind’

January 26, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, SoCal music producer Fletcher Reed (aka Andrew Smith) shares his new EP Changemymind, out via Nettwerk

Each of the six tracks include vocal features, a departure from previous projects of Reed’s such as Bedtime Covers (Aug 2022), Dream Better (Nov 2022) and hyper.reality (Dec 2022), which were strictly instrumental. Collaborators include UK vocalist/songwriter Bryonii, Berlin-based producer/vocalist CHUFI, and labelmate Portair, who Reed reunites with after remixing his song “Lying to Myself” in 2022.

Creating this project was a new exploratory chapter in my production handbook,” shares Reed on the upcoming EP. “I’ve wanted to move away from a traditional ‘lofi’ sound and begin to explore a deeper connection with the music, one that I thought could be built by adding vocals to chill instrumental. The project’s various vocalists allowed each track to take a different shape and inspiration – with tracks ranging from R&B, vocal downtempo, and even bedroom indie.”

A prolific music producer and seasoned globetrotter, Fletcher Reed started learning various instruments and playing in different bands at an early age. A few years back, he and a friend took off for Zimbabwe, their first destination on what would become a mostly non-stop journey across several continents for two years. The trip deeply influenced Reed’s perception of the world and its people and cultures, injecting his music with a specific sense of place and geographic spirit to represent his wanderlust instincts to get up and go. 

Packed with deep, soulful grooves, Changemymind is sure to entrance listeners into Reed’s woozy  world of trip-hop. The EP is available at all digital retailers here: https://fletcherreed.ffm.to/changemymind

Changemymind Tracklist

01. Because of You (with Tropez) 

02. Changemymind 

03. Human (with CHUFI) 

04. Anymore (with ALANA HIL) 

05. Lucid Luv (with Bryonii)

06. Sleepwalking Again (with Portair)

EP Art | Download HERE